The Richness of History

In Fukui, Japan, owner, Hiroyuki Takeuchi and accessories designer, Hiroyuki Tange established T.K garment supplyin 2005 Grounded in their mutual love of vintage materials and the history that lies within, Takeuchi and Tange have collected reclaimed objects from all over the world.
From the delicate silks of WWI French parachutes to vintage leather riding reins, to Italian army tents, these exceptional, 100% authentic materials are steeped in history and are used to create the unique T.K garment supplyproducts.

This exclusive handmade artisan process has reinvented these materials as trench coats made of weathered canvas and tote bags of aged cotton with details of historical buckhorn and wood salvaged from fallen buildings.

The quality of T.K garment supplyitems can be felt and every seam is an inventive work of art.
The richness of history, character and charm is fashioned into every T.K garment supplypiece by expert craftsmen.
The T.K garment supplyproducts are a perfect balance of tradition, reinvention,
and imagination: every piece has a story of its gfirst lifeh to tell and a poetic dimension to be discovered in the present.

T.K garment supplyHome made in Japan

"Made from 100% authentic vintage materials, no machine can reproduce the richness of history,character and charm that is steeped into every T.K garment supplypiece."